DBT Peer Connections

Building Hope, Community and Skillful Means

DBT Peer Connections

About DBTPC:

DBT Peer Connections (DBTPC) is a grassroots peer support community created by Rachel Gill for peers who are dedicated to improving their emotional health through daily  dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) skills practice. DBTPC provides a means for peers to cultivate relationships with others committed to learning, practicing, educating others about, and building mastery of the 4 DBT skill sets: core mindfulness, distress tolerance, emotion regulation, and interpersonal effectiveness. DBTPC is committed to eliminating stigma against people with emotional health challenges by creating hope through sharing stories of recovery and advocating in our communities, online and through political action. DBTPC  honors, values, and practices compassion; non-judgment; cultural, ethnic, spiritual diversity; and equally respects that every person has a wise mind. 

Request to join our peer support group on Facebook and connect with a thriving community of over 4500 peers and start building skillful means and your network of support today. DBT Peer Connections Facebook Group (It is open to member requests but closed to non-member viewing.)

Helpful Links

FREE DBT Handouts & Worksheets
FREE DBT Skills Training E-course
FREE DBT Skills Training Videos
Find a DBT Certified Therapist
Suicide Crisis Support

DBT Skills Quick Reference by Rachel Gill

 Do you want to learn more about DBTPC current and future directives? The following podcast offers a detailed overview of the organizational aims of DBTPC.

If you want to volunteer with DBTPC, we always need help blogging, tweeting, and moderating The DBTPC Facebook group. Send an email to Rachel at ilovedbt@gmail.com with “DBT volunteer” in the subject line. In the body of your message briefly describe your DBT experience, a little bit about your personal DBT goals and the best way and time to reach you. We would love to have you on our team!




31 thoughts on “DBT Peer Connections

  1. Some items I am unable to access such as worksheets that I would like to use for myself. Please advise.


  2. Broken Links maybe? “Not Found” is the error message I get for most or all of the items listed under “DBT Therapist “Tool Kit”


    • Yes, this is because I linked directly rather than from my own server. I have all the worksheets and more though and am in the process of gettibng them organized, uploaded, and linked, thanks for bringing it to my attention, was there something specific that you wanted, if so let me know and I will see if I jave it on hand


  3. Is there a community forum on this site where users interact by posting topics, questions, comments, etc.? Or is this it?


  4. Is there a forum where members of this community discuss interact directly by posting topics, comments, questions about DBT, etc.?
    Or is this it right here?


  5. This website has been extremely valuable to me since my insurance does not pay for dbt group anymore. The information and tools provided are helpful and provide another way to understand dbt in a both and attitude. I am also fortunate that they did simplify the verbatim of the infamous label “borderline” with it’s new names such as emotion regulation disorder in the dsm 5. Thank you for the worksheets especially for those who are not able to afford the text books.


  6. Looking on doing DBT for PTSD and BPD


  7. Wanted desperately to sign up for the course I just missed. I found you just a little too late. May I ask, is there another opening soon. I’m eager to get ahold of any knowledge I can!! Lol, did I mention desperate. I’ve already watched all the videos and used all the downloads. I just joined the fb support page. I too am like you and use my BPD and other mental illnesses to help de-stigmafy it in this worlds eyes. I try to make sense of why I’m still here, and sometimes I believe if I can change or even save 1 life, all my sharing and listening is worth it, and just perhaps that’s why God has allowed me to live through 2 disabling MVA’a, multiple health issues, 2 miracle babies, and a, well, no-existant traumatic childhood. I have lost both parents to suicide and refuse to do that to my boys. So I’m stuck you see, like a dog suffering and the owners won’t put it to sleep. God won’t let me die, coupled with the I can’t for my kids. So I have to find a reason for it. Just to make it through a day, I need those reminders. Yet, I’m my WORST enemy/critic. I have no means to access any DBT therapy. Well, I just can’t do it alone anymore. The DBT is the best chance I have now. My therapist has only heard of it so she’s no help. Please point me to ANY useful links Pinki. And I want to say after such a long ramble, sorry, God bless you for all you have done for your brothers and sisters in mental health fighting for their sanity. Sarah


  8. Oh my gosh, thanks so much girl!! You rock!


  9. Hi there,

    I’ve never heard of the VITALS skill. I don’t think it’s even in the new manual? Can you clarify?


    • VITALS is actually a set of CBT specific skills. They are not technically part of the DBT skills training curriculum, but they are consistent with DBT principles and they provide a motivational counterpart to SMART goals. They were included in the DBT program I participated and I found them useful so I like to include them in my DBT skills tool box. I hope that helps, and thank you for the great question.



  10. I was just wondering if the course is open to anyone interested in DBT or primarily those with BPD? I do not have BPD but found DBT to be useful years ago when I was in a group. I am interested in rebooting my skills. Thanks!


  11. So glad I found this. Needing additional support with DBT. Thank you for putting this together. 🙂


  12. Thank you so much for this site. I am currently taking your training courses and they are very helpful to me since I cannot find any DBT groups in my living area.


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