DBT Peer Connections

Building Hope, Community and Skillful Means

DBT Handouts & Worksheets

DBT Skills Training Modules Handouts & Worksheets

DBT Skills at a Glance

DBT Skills Quick Reference Sheet (by Rachel Gill)

Core Mindfulness Skills

States of Mind Handout (by Rachel Gill)Mindfulness Skills Overview (by Rachel Gill)
6 Levels of Validation Handout & Worksheets (By Rachel Gill)                                             DBT Biosocial Model for Emotion Dysregulation Handout (by Rachel Gill)
Reality Acceptance Skills Overview (by Rachel Gill)
Willingness and Willfulness Worksheet (by Rachel Gill)
DBT SMART Goals & VITALS to Success Handout/Worksheet (by Rachel Gill)

Distress Tolerance

DBT SUDS Handout & Worksheet  (by Rachel Gill)
DBT TIP Crisis Survival Skills Handout & Worksheet (by Rachel Gill)
DBT 6 Levels of Validation Handout & Worksheet (by Rachel Gill)
DBT Multi-purpose Pros & Cons Worksheet (by Rachel Gill)
DBT Skills Training Pros and Cons Worksheet (by Rachel Gill)
DBT Skills Training STOP Skills Handout & Worksheet  (by Rachel Gill)
Guided Mindfulness Script for Practicing Mindfulness to Emotion (by Rachel Gill)
Distress Tolerance worksheet (by Randy Wolbert)
Distress Tolerance Sample – (Shared by Cindy Gronert and Susan Smith)

Emotion Regulation

Emotion Myths Worksheet (by Rachel Gill)
Check the Facts Handout & Worksheet (by Rachel Gill)
Opposite Action Handout & Worksheet (by Rachel Gill)
Working with Primary and Secondary Emotions Worksheet & Handout  (by Rachel Gill)
Emotion Regulation Model – Visual (Posted by ML Rollins)
Emotion Regulation Model – Narrative (Posted by ML Rollins)
DBT Target Behavior Chain Analysis Worksheet (by Rachel Gill)
DBT Behavior Chain & Solution Analysis Worksheet [fillable] (by Rachel Gill)
DBT Behavior Chain Analysis Flowchart Worksheet (by Rachel Gill)

Interpersonal Effectiveness

DEAR MAN GIVE FAST Handout & Worksheet (by Rachel Gill)

DBT Diary Cards

DBT Diary Card, Fillable with Skills Tracking (by Rachel Gill)
DBT Diary Card adapted, includes TIP DBT Diary Card (provided by Cindy Smith
DBT Diary Card (posted on DBT-L 1-5-11 by Joan Russo)
DBT Adolescent Diary Card FrontBack (posted by nancy)
Bank Statement Diary Card Excel File (by Gloria Whelchel)
Mindfulness – Bank Statement Diary Card Excel File (by Gloria Whelchel)
PIC DBT Card Excel File (Posted on DBT-L 1-4-11 by Gloria Whelchel)

Miscellaneous DBT Handouts & Worksheets

DBT Secondary Behavior Targets Handout & Worksheets (by Rachel Gill)
Group Therapy (shared by George H Davis)
DBT Group Therapy Guidelines (shared by George H Davis)
Emotion Regulation, Interpersonal Effectiveness, & Distress Tolerance Skills for Adolescents: A Treatment Manual(Charles Bonner)
Postvention Standards Manual: A Guide for a School’s Response in the Aftermath of a Sudden Death, Revised 11/03(Kerr, Brent, McKain, McCommons)

DBT Handouts for Substance Use Disorders

DBT-SUD Skills Outline and Handouts (Posted on DBT-L 11-1-09 by Astrid Katzur)
DBT and the 12-Steps (Posted on DBT-L 12-14-10 by Corinne Young)
Urge Surfing (Posted on DBT-L 12-14-10 by Corinne Young)

Client Learning Activities

DBT Jeopardy – File 1File 2File 3 (Posted on DBT-L 12-7-10 by Yvonne McAneny)
DBT Jeopardy – File 1File 2File 3 (Posted on DBT-L 12-9-10 by Paula Mendenhall)
Distress Tolerance Millionaire Game – File 1File 2 (Posted on DBT-L 12-9-10 by Paula Mendenhall)
Mindfulness Quiz (Posted on DBT-L 1-10-12 by Lynn Elwood)
Distress Tolerance Quiz (Posted on DBT-L 1-10-12 by Lynn Elwood)
ER Skills Quiz (Posted on DBT-L 1-10-12 by Lynn Elwood)
DBT Quiz Study Guide (Posted on DBT-L 1-10-12 by Lynn Elwood)

Treatment Forms and Training Aids

Adolescent Diary Card
Adolescent Secondary Treatment Targets
Adolescent Skills Training
Behavioral Analysis
Chain Analysis Instructions
Chain Analysis Worksheet
Consultation Team Attendance Log
Consultation Team Check List
Consultation Team Meeting Agenda
Consultation Team Observer Tasks
DBT Commitment Session for New Members
DBT Consultation Team Agreements
DBT Consultation Team Format and Tasks
DBT Consultation Team Member Tasks 
Defining Problems Behaviorally
Diary Card Examples
Diary Card Instructions
Handouts and Practice Exercises

Supervision and Consultation

Self-Assessment of DBT Strategies – DBTTreatmentStrategies.xlsx

More Free DBT Learning Materials on the Web

Clinician Assessment Instruments (Behavioral Research & Therapy Clinics)
DBT Therapist Study Guide (Workgroup for DBT Certification and Accreditation)
Free Downloadable Therapy Worksheets & CBT Tools (CBT Self Help & Therapist Resources)
DBT Self Help (Client oriented site maintained by Lisa Dietz)


Borderline Personality Disorder Facts Sheet
DBT Assumptions about Clients
DBT Frequently Asked Questions
Diagnosing BPD
DSM-IV-TR Diagnostic Criteria for BPD
Manuals for Empirically Supported Treatments
Relevant Assessments

Recommended Reading

Adolescent DBT Reference List
Recommended Reading – DBT Basics Pt.1
Recommended Reading – DBT Basics Pt.2
Recommended Reading – Addictions and Problem Drinking
Recommended Reading – Mindfulness Pt.1
Recommended Reading – Mindfulness Pt.2


9 thoughts on “DBT Handouts & Worksheets

  1. OH WOW!!!!!!
    holy cow, Rachel Gill you are absolutely amazing! this site is an incredible resource for those like myself who are in DBT. this is seriously blowing my mind. i’ve been wanting some reference sheets like this to help me in DBT class and also with my diary cards. it’s a challenge to keep skills and categories (modules, i guess) straight in one’s mind when confusion and memory problems are a daily occurrence. thumbing through my binder to look up the skills and modules is also complicated and confusing sometimes. thank you SO MUCH for this. i’m going to post links wherever i can – tumblr, twitter, facebook, anywhere i can think of.

    thank you Rachel – YOU RULE!! 😀 😀


  2. My sentiments exactly! Please add a pinnable image so this can be shared on Pinterest…i know my consumer &/or pro followers would love this.


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  7. I have organized all of the DBT handouts and worksheets into a DIY DBT binder, that is very easy to use and understand! Check out my fb page, DBT Resources; I am a BPD patient and never imagined I could feel “normal” and function. Over 16 years, I have studied DBT, mindfulness, Buddhism and psychology, and have started developing my own skills to help us succeed in a life worth living. I wish you all the very best and hope to meet you 🙂 thank you! (tai.k.marker@gmail.com) (Facebook: Taiger Marker, DBT Resources)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Tai, you are an inspiration and your message is a ray of sunshine after a long, extra challenging day. Thank you for sharing your recovery story with us and for your kindness and support. I wish you well and skillful means.

      Rachel Gill (aka Pinki)
      DBT Peer Connections

      Liked by 1 person

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